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How Can Astrology Help Your Business?

zodiacAstrology is not going to tell you necessarily what to do in life, nor your business, but maybe it could give you an idea of the best time to do it in.

With astrology, you will have a chart of your life and the planetary influences on it. It would start with your birthdate and then look at the stars around you. When you engage with astrology for business, your astrological chart would, for example, start with the date that you started the business and took things from there.

astro-businessYour chart will help to show whatever the positive aspects are in your business, but also will give assistance in identifying what, if any, are the problematic areas.

The date of birth of the company itself is not the only birthdate that is to be taken into consideration here, but also, naturally, is yours, as the head of your company or enterprise. But also, so are the birthdates of your workforce, notably the birthdays of your most important and valued staff members.

So what are some of the specific aspects that using astrology may help you with as you develop your business?



You might have an idea about what you do best, but there may be more untapped potential that you have not explored yet! This important piece of self-knowledge should be the starting point for any business start-up or decision. You don’t want to go into business without knowing this!


What your motivations are, both in life and in your business will be one of the most important bits of information you can have. Why are you doing what you are doing, or if you have not yet gone into business yet, whatever it is that you are planning on doing.

Does it give you a buzz? Do you actually enjoy doing what you are doing? It is surprising how many people in business, as in life, are not doing things that they truly wish to be. Finding your motivations is the first step to finding out what it is that you should be truly doing. Don’t neglect your inner needs.manager


By seeing the types of relationships that you have personally, you may see the key to how best to interact with people in your business dealings.

What are the sorts of people that you attract as a personality type? Who are the people that your business points you towards? Who do you want to attract and why? Finding these things out are crucial to expanding your client base – in a direction you want it to go in!