How Astrology Can Boost Your Health

Zodiac-signs-adviceWE KNOW we said that there is far more to astrology than merely your star sign, but as a starting point, it is still the go-to place for beginning any understanding about your health.


Aries may already know about their incredible energy, but did they know that as their sign favors the head that means headaches, migraines, sinus pain as well as mental health challenges. Don’t neglect this last, critical area of health.


Taureans may find themselves the victim of an over or under active thyroid as this sign controls all things to do with the throat. This includes things like sore throats and colds, so take care of those golden tonsils Taurus!


The twins may be plagued with the twin demons of hay fever and asthma as Gemini has a special relationship with the lungs. This, unfortunately, extends to respiratory problems sometimes. Also lurking is stress and nervous issues. Look after yourself Gemini and wrap up warm this winter!


One of the more emotional signs of the zodiac, Cancerians may know about their highly strung temperament but be less aware of the tummy upsets they are prone to. Digestive woes and anything to do with the stomach is a common cause of illness in people born under this sign, which can sometimes manifest itself in eating disorders such as overeating and obesity.


The Leos amongst us may have a lion heart, but it is not an unbreakable one. Anything to do with the heart has always been a concern for Leos, and we urge you to look after your ticker properly!


Like Cancerians, Virgo may find they struggle with their weight, with eating disorders.  The digestive system could present issues, whether it be in the form of irritable bowels or other stomach-related complaints.


Ah, how can we put this delicately, but Librans may be prone to making err numerous trips to the bathroom. Anything to do with bodily erm secretions are the curse of anyone born under this sign. This could be bladder trouble or, well, diarrhea. Choose your dinner well tonight Librans, anything too rich could set off your fragile bits and bobs!


Scorpions have a reputation for possibly – we repeat possibly- being very hot lovers. This could translate into STDs if you’re not too…careful. Go equipped Scorpio!


Argh! My back! Know any Sagittarians with a backache? This may be because the pelvic region and the sciatic nerve are a common problem with people born under this sign.


The goats with us may be afflicted with aching bones, knees and just joints in general, so you would be well advised to take it easy and look after dem bones!


Anxiety plagues Aquarians as this somewhat nervous sign is prone to all things worrisome. Other things to look out for are circulation problems in general and cataracts.


Another worrywart are our sensitive fishes. As well as being one of the life’s worriers, if you are a Piscean, you should be on your guard for autoimmune system maladies.