If you have found this website then it has obviously been pre-ordained by looking into the stars for guidance…well no not really!

Although most people know what star sign they are, not many people understand astrology yet are still quick to dismiss it as mumbo jumbo, which is something that gets our goat!

Because, how without a wider understanding behind the practice can anyone be so fast to pass judgment? Even if you are a skeptic, we would love it if you stick around for long enough to learn a little more.

This was one of the reasons that this site was set up, to provide members of the public with a reference and starting part for their discovery of astrology.

Based in New York, this was started as side slot to our contributors’ day to day work as professional astrologers. Some of our loose collective write horoscopes, others do charts for clients, based on their holistic needs.

We can work within a corporate environment as well (please see the section on astrology for your business) but more often than not, the professional and the personal will entwine because, after all, people are not machines.

Although this site was only set up as an accompaniment to our contributors’ main work, it has fast become a major source of it.

If you are interested in having your natal chart done, please use the contact us button. Otherwise just use the resource as a way to understand astrology better and the impact it can have on your life, your relationships, and your business.

As far as we are concerned, it has been a useful tool in turning some of our lives around and the main contributors, who started off as lawyers, journalists and in one case a doctor are now fulltime committed astrologers and have never looked back since.

Start your voyage of discovery today!